FACT Workstation

FACT Workstation 39.01

A comprehensive realtime solution featuring General Ledger
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Vedika Software Pvt Ltd

ACT is the other name of Realtime Enterprise Business Solution. Starting from the most basic of the facilities, which cater to your fundamental accounting requirements, to the advanced features, which answer your complex accounting needs - FACT is a fascinating combination of unique facilities, which give you a feel of the dynamic business environment of the new millennium.

Beginning with an extremely user-friendly mode of installation, which runs through a graphical Installation CD-ROM Browser, to a good number of Reports that reflect your transactions in a stunning colourful look, each element of FACT constitutes a package environment, which addresses different segments of business accounting.

You can maintain as many Accounts as you may wish in FACT , and further, use multiple currencies for your transactions, with the flexibility of posting the Foreign Currency transactions in the Local Currency, too. Additionally, there exists a well-defined chain of modules in FACT, which ensure the desired way of handling of your Sale and Purchase transactions right from the time of entering the Proforma Invoices/Quotations for goods till when they are invoiced out to the buyer.

If you own a Manufacturing Company, FACT is, most certainly, the accounting solution of your choice, because it has a well-designed Inventory module, which is integrated with accounting. You can maintain your Stock in multiple Warehouses, and track your Products on the basis of Serial Numbers and Batch Numbers. Moreover, you can get a detailed picture of your current Stock Status, including the total of Purchase Orders, Stock In Hand, and Sales Order for each Product - in a jiffy.

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